We all want ground balls and know it is important.

But some just yell about it. GET THE GROUND BALL!

Some will teach ground ball technique, some will teach kids to move it, but few teach how to turn a ground ball into a fast break

This is especially important when your team struggles in a standard offensive set or clear.

Teaching them how to take the next step of turning it into a fast break does not take a lot of skill or lacrosse IQ.

It is a way for a team get goals with a lot hustle, understanding some basic rules and having some basic stick skills.

First we always follow 2 basic rules:

**1) 3 guys going after the ground ball.**

I know it is not always realistic to have 3 guys on a ground ball. But as the expression goes… If you aim for the moon you may hit a star. If 3 guys going after the ground ball, you should at least get 2.

coachsports.com for more information

**2) Man Ball and Outlet**

As they are fighting for the ball I want them to always be thinking Man, Ball and Outlet. Fight for the ball, win the ball then get it to space as quickly as possible so we can attack the unsettled situation.

After we win the ball we want the players off ball dropping into a triangle.  This applies to the defensive and offensive side of the field.

We are now prepared to make a quick strike after winning the ground ball or ready to defend the unsettled situation if we lose it.