Regardless of what team you are on or what level you play at, every lacrosse player has heard this same speech from his coach: “You can not play without having great stick skills.”  It doesn’t matter what level of natural athletic ability you have – you could be the fastest and strongest player on the field; you will suffer without stick skills.  Players have to be able to confidently, instinctively, and flawlessly handle the ball if they are going to excel in lacrosse.  Lacrosse is a demanding, dynamic game that requires excellent hand-eye coordination and overall conditioning, and there are may ways for a coach to execute drills to improve passing, catching, shooting and overall confidence.

Many coaches rely on line drills at the beginning of practice as their stick work for the day, however these coaches need to put more emphasis on realistic, game-like stick work that simulates what players will need to do under duress in a live lacrosse game without it being monotonous and boring.  The key is to have a variety of drills that emphasize stick work.