I was working on this as a simple way to create space for a iso dodge out of a 2-2-2.

I want the kids to be creative, but sometimes a little guidance does not hurt.

I drew up the diagram as seen below so the kids know what to do when we have a great match up.

I am sure you can work your own creativity nuances into this as well.

For me, I liked having the guy who will traditionally draw the first slide be the fill guy so he can be open for the roll back and shot/redodge.

The two far crease men switching will create that extra a bit of confusion but will also create room for them to come to the ball.

Dodging out of this formation makes it impossible to slide adjacent, therefore if you are facing a team that likes to do an adjacent slide this a great set to run.

From the Midfield

From Attack

If you like the 2 man game this can easily be adapted as show below.