Unfortunately, we all believe the sun rises and sets with our children.  Never is this more true than in sports.  However, there is nothing more disturbing for a coach and humiliating for a kid than for dad (or mom) to be lurking on the sidelines while conducting tryouts-this is more disturbing for the coach if he knows you personally. High school is kids' first introduction to the real world.  Yes, there are kids better than  him, and he knows it.  It is how he handles it that will determine what kind of person he is and will become.  If he fails to make the team and simply hangs up the stick, he probably didn't love the sport as much as mom or dad.  If he recommits his efforts, increases practice time and decides to make a concerted effort and you, as the parent support these efforts, he is showing great signs of leadership, commitment and self-motivation that are difficult to teach and more difficult to cultivate. Moreover, the coach is not put at ease with you there.  Nothing is worse for coaches than cutting kids.  IT IS THE WORST THING ABOUT COACHING.  It isn't why anyone chose to coach. So give the coaches a break.  If you kid is good enough to make the team, they will make it.  If they are good enough to start and contribute, they will.  Ultimately, that is life.  Good enough is good enough, great is great and excellence is excellence.  Effort can outplay talent and talent can be squandered.

As a coach, give me a bunch of lesser talent kids that want it.  They are more fun to coach and win with.  The losses hurt more, the wins feel better and they will become a great team.