My Man up was seriously struggling. There were no plays that were going to help us. We came up with this as a way to test who be the best to go on man up and man down.

The rules were simple:

  1. Offense players can not move other then using proper footwork to make a good pass. The offenses only option was to move the ball, if they held it to long the defense could go after them.

  2. Defense did whatever they had to do within lacrosse rules to get the ball on the ground.

What ended up happening was great ball movement and we quickly figured out which kids had the chops to be on man up. What also ended up happening is we found out which kids we wanted to play man down. We started to develop a fantastic rotating box man down defense.

There are a lot of ways to modify this:

  • You can create a objective for the defense to not allow any skip passes.
  • You can create an objective for the offense to complete a certain amount of passes.
  • You can put an extra offensive player in the middle.

There is a lot you can do, but the premise should remain the same. Teach the offensive players to get it in and out of their sticks quickly and the defense players to work as a unit and rotate accordingly.