• 2 players across the top.
  • 2 players across the middle.
  • 2 players behind the goal.

- Perimeter threat coupled with opportunities from up close.


- Great for driving down the alley and sweeps across the top
- Creates space up top by bringing 2 attackmen behind
- Great for a two man game
- The offense also allows the two players on the crease to attempt to set picks to get open.
- Can make if difficult for Defense to know which guy slides
- Depending on your offensive philosophy you can hide two players and only rely on 4 true ball handlers.
- Depending on your offensive philosophy you can two talented crease men get set picks for each other to be open for shots.

- Bad for moving the ball around as the passes can be long
- Bad against a zone unless you have plays carefully planned out.
- Bad if you player gets caught against a strong defender as it is easy to deny the pass in this set
- If not run correctly can tend to clog up the middle making it difficult for dodgers to get to the goal
- Confines a player to a corner making it easy for a quality defenseman to force in the a direction