1-3-2 plays click here

  • 1 player up top.
3 players across the middle.
2 players behind the goal.

-Own X and GLE for attacks from behind.

Strengths: The 1-3-2 is a great set for teams who like to run a 2-man game from behind. Picks, Fake Picks, Flips, and Fake Flips can all be utilized at X, and when they work there are 3 teammates in good scoring positions above GLE and at the crease.

The 1-3-2 is also good for keeping the ball in the box when ahead on the scoreboard in the last 2 minutes of the game. The ball can be worked between the players at X, which is as far away from your own goal as possible, and there is good support from the 3 teammates along GLE. Also, the 2 players behind are in great position to back up shots and maintain possession as time winds down.

A fantastic set for attacking a man-to-man defense, the 1-3-2 makes it easy easy to move the ball from one side of the field to the other behind the goal. This can manipulated many different ways to your advantage with the correct movement.

Pulling 2 players behind creates more space for players up top to maneuver. Remember you are not only pulling the offensive players low but also their defensemen.

Vulnerabilities: If there is a turnover up top in a 1-3-2 there is no help against fast breaks.

With fewer offensive players up top, if the offense needs to move the ball through the top the passes can be very long.

Since there is less threat from up top in a 1-3-2 the defense can overload X and even have the goalie guard the crease to put more pressure to get the ball.