You can modify this play however you would like, but the premise would stay the same.  The idea is to get the feeder going to his left to feed a right handed cutter coming off of a double screen.

The reason I have the player who will eventually score set a fake pick behind the goal is because I want the defender to have to navigate the back of the goal in addition to the double pick being set in line with the edge of the crease.

This will make it virtually impossible to cover the cutter without calling out some kind of switch.  The catch is that your feeder has to be able to handle the pressure from the long stick that is covering him, which for some teams can be a challenge.

The two middies up top are shifting over to ball side because they want to be in a position to catch, move the ball and redodge.  Keep in mind that if they are covering the initial play very well that means that a slide is not going to be ready to cover the middies if they can dodge quickly.