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In this drill Players learn to get their hips low to protect a ground ball from a defender, they practice scooping and immediately passing to a teammate.  This is a great drill to get them used to responding to defensive pressure, and a good drill to use as a pre-game warm up.  It gets them active and in the correct state of mind. 


Boxing Out:

1. The player protecting the ball must keep his hips low and knees flexed to maintain leverage against the defender.

Drill Execution:

1. Player 1 puts the ball down.

2. Player 2 stands behind him.

3. Coach blows the 1st  whistle.  Player 2 moves around trying to get by Player 1  and get to the ball, but he should not actually scoop it.  Player 1 must keep his hips low and knees bent to box Player 2 out and keep him away from the ball.

4. After 5-10 seconds Coach blows the 2nd whistle.  Player 2 relaxes.  Player 1 scoops the ball, brings the stick up to his face, turns in the correct arc, and runs far enough away so he can throw it to Player 2.

5. The players switch positions and the drill is repeated. More drills at www.lacrosse.org/cep/online


Skills practiced

1. Keeping the hips low and knees bent to avoid being pushed off of a ball.

2. Scooping, protecting the ball, turning in the correct arc.

3. Running through the ball so that they can pass to their teammate.

4. Learning to look for a teammate and pass the ball immediately after a ground ball.


Variations/Progression/Increased difficulty

(As your players improve their skills incorporate the following…)

1. Have Player 2 do the drill without his stick.  He must focus on quick footwork to get around Player 1.