This is primarily a man up play.  The idea is to pull the defense to one side then kick it to the overloaded back side.

Play starts when the ball gets to 2 up top. - 2 will carry the ball forcing his man to stay with him - 4 will then fill in the spot where 2 come from, 4 could be open for shot from that spot. - When 4 receives the pass the defense will have to bump over to cover him at which time 5 will fill that area. - As 5 fills in that area 1 will fill in the crease creating an overload situation, remember the defense was shifted over to cover 2's initial shift. - When 5 catches the ball he can shoot, feed the crease or keep the ball moving to 3. - It is important to keep the ball moving as fast as we can. - After 3 catches he can shoot or go to the final option of 6 coming around.

A zone will have a very difficult covering this as the basic idea is to get the defense to shift to one side by carrying the ball, then quickly move the ball around to the other side while overloading the defenses weak side.

As a man to man play

Draw the slide from the crease then the crease man pops out.

3nd crease guy slides 5 pops out.

1's man will become the second slide so 1 will go into the crease to be a threat.

Typically the man covering the player behind the goal will be taught to stay above goal line extended to help.  This will open up A2 for the sneak