This drill is a competitive face off drill that gets the team involved.

It gets players moving, works on ball movement, ground balls, fast breaks and is a lot of fun

1) Shorten the field to have the goal half way between the crease and the restraining box.

2) 2 offensive players must stay onsides and 1 defensive player must stay onsides.  This is designed to promote fast break situations rewarding the team that wins the face off.  The mismatch on offense should create lots of goals hence lots of face offs.

3) The ball should always be moving up field as fast as possible.  That is another reason why you have the extra player on the offensive end.  The shortened field makes it more realistic for the defensive players to get back on defense.

4) Do not let players' typical position (long stick, attack etc.) dictate where they play in this drill.  Let everybody do everything.  It will help create more well-rounded lacrosse players.... i.e., long poles who can clear and run breaks and attackmen who can ride and not be totally lost if they end up on defense.

5) Never stop the drill!!  Subs should be set up by the midfield line just like in a real game.  This will help them immensely when they have to sub in a live situation in a game.  The players who are on the side of the field away from the action should be subbing.  Have water on the sidelines so the players who come out can get water at that time instead of stopping the whole practice for a water break.  If a goal is scored get the next face off group in there ASAP!
Top left image - face off
Top right image - fast break from clean face off win
Bottom left image - 5 v 4 (this should happen quickly to simulate an unsettled situation)
Bottom right image - Defense makes a stop and starts a fast break going the other way