It is very important to have your kids be able to shoot hard.  For the younger lacrosse players around Junior High the kids are most likely shooting to just get it on cage.  They are not winding up as hard as they can because most are afraid of missing the cage. 

Power Shooting Drill:

A drill we do every single day is called “Power Shooting”. 

·         This drill is to encourage kids to reach back and let it rip. In this drill we are not working on accuracy but velocity.

·         Have a bucket of balls on the left side of the cage about 3 feet from the pipe. 

·         There will be a line there with players and have another line of players on the other side of the pipe. 

·         We will generally be 2 yards above the crease. 

·         Have the player with the ball gently pass the ball to the other line. 

·         The person shooting will step into the pass and catch the ball in the center of the cage.  Players are practicing catching the ball ready to shoot. 

·         There is a slight cradle and then a shot.

·         The two active players will then run to the end of the opposite line. 

One major coaching point I constantly remind my players is as they are reaching back, they should be kissing their front shoulder.  As the player is reaching back and kissing their shoulder, watch the kids hips.  Make sure they are twisting their hips for more torque.  Their follow through should almost look like they are falling towards the net.  This drill will get players numerous amounts of shots in a short period.  After all the balls are done, switch sides from right handed to left handed shots. 

Each drill is a transition into different types of shots. 

Shooting on the Run Drill:

The next we immediately go into is shooting on the run. 

·         Bring the bucket of balls up top 10 yards above the box. 

·         We always make sure we start our dodges above the box to spread the defense. 

·         Two lines side by side with each kid having a ball. 

·         The first two will split dodge, one going left and one going right. 

·         They are to use the same mechanics as power shooting (Reach back, twist your hips and kiss your shoulder). 

·         The shooter must fall into their shot towards the goal. 

·         Once they shoot they run back to the opposite line. 

·         Once again, many players getting in plenty of shots in a short period of time.

 “C” Cut Shooting Drill:

·         Start in two lines. 

·         One line above the box with the balls and the other outside the box in the alley. 

·         The first player from the alley line will line up right outside the crease. 

·         Here we are working on receiving a pass in a tight spot and releasing a quick shot. 

·         The player with the ball split dodges towards the cage. 

·         The person on the crease will mirror the dodger and perform a “C”cut.

·         This also works on feeding. 

A major coaching point is to constantly remind the finisher to finish the C.  At the younger levels you see players catching a ball standing still.  On the crease these athletes will not get a shot off.  Make sure the player is running through the pass with his stick in the shooting position.  Same as Power Shooting, hands are ready, reach back and kiss your shoulder, twist the hips and fall through your shot towards the net.

For the past 4 years we have done these progression shooting drills every single day and have seen a tremendous increase in high quality shots.  Years past many kids did not feel comfortable shooting.  Now every kid feels comfortable shooting and shooting hard.