Play starts when the ball gets to #1 up top.  Once #1’s dodge begins #5 and #2 run to the crease setting a pick on #4 & #3’s man.  #3 and #4 will curl around to a shooting position looking for the ball

I use the 15 yard line so the players can understand spacing.

If #1 does not beat his man he will send it to the wing. In the scenario in the video #4 receives the ball, but it just as easily could have been #3 on the the other side. #4 will look to shoot, if the shot is not there he can look cross field to #3 curling up to the open space.

If that is not there he can keep the ball moving to #6 who has shifted to ball side.

At this point I like to put another pick on the crease to ensure the quick stick goal from a feed coming from #6.