lots of people will not know what to do against a dodger in an open set.  This is VERY simple for when you do not have the time to put in anything more complex as it is a very easy thing to tell the players to do.  That is why I love this for tournament teams, youth teams or any team that does not have a lot of time to prepare and/or lacks experience.  The goal is to quickly go from your 2-3-1 into your open set prior to the dodge.  You could even call it "clearing the crease"

It will add a wrinkle as sliding from an open set is much different from sliding when there is a man in the crease.  It will test the opposing teams Lax IQ.

Can the other team quickly adjust there slide package when nobody is in the crease?

This is not wrote up this as a way to run a open set to settle or run a offense... it is just a way to get a quick dodge against a confused defense

It will really give you an extra tool for coaching gamesmanship.

 you can call ZERO Bill! Then they know to clear out away from Bill

Now when Bill gets the ball the crease will be vacant and he can quickly go.

 this will also not give the other team time to prepare for the open set

It can also work from the wing

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.58.13 AM

The same concept can apply from X.


you can also use it against a zone as a back side overload, as the ball carrier get push one side then kick to the opposite side where you will now have an overload with numbers.  Much like anything on this site, think about it, and be creative.