Offense : 2-2-2

Crease seal
Sweep strong clear out
2-2-2 XIII
2-2-2 XI
Backside midfield cut
Corner attack initiation
2-1-1-2 formation look
isolate wing dodge
Clear the feeder double option feed
Top sweep clear backside look
2-2-2 XII
The 2-4 Man Up Look
2-2-2 Tandems
Far man go (FarGo)
Rotating Motion Box
Dual Triangle Dodge
Box Wing offense
X Pick
MIddie Crease Pop
Set Change To 2-2-2 With A Crease Curl
Clear out and top center fill
Double Pick To A Back Side X Dodge
Backside Half Wheel With a Cutter
Syracuse Rotating Triangles
No Attack? No Stars? No Problem!
Box Overload Rotation
Long Dodge With Dummy Pick Up High
Crease Pick Feed
Wing Dodge And Off-Ball Picks
Pick Down with Crease Pick
Half Rotation Triangle for Man Up
Morphing the 2-2-2
Morphing the Extra Man 2-2-2
Back-Side Sneak With Triangle Rotation
Pyramid Dodge
Screen, Fill and Rotate
Quick Hit Slip Play
Morphing the 2-2-2
Inbound Double Pick Curl