Offense : 6v6

Kick Back Behind, Pick on Crease
Circle 1 Attack Triangle X Dodge
Morphing the 2-2-2
Far Man Go (FarGo)
Wing Dodge Backside Pick
On-Ball Pick 2 Off-Ball Picks Back Side Overload
2-3-1 Middie Sweep With Two Low Picks
2-3-1 Long Dodge With Dumby Pick Up High
Morphing the 2-2-2
1-4-1 To 3-3
3-3 Flip And Pick
Circle 1 Triangle Motion Offense
2-3-1 Triangle Motion Alley Dodge
1-3-2 Give And Go With A Crease Pick
Double Pick To A Back Side X Dodge
2-3-1 Alley, Roll Back, + 1 With A Pick Option
2-3-1 Two Middies Pick For The Far Attackmen
2-3-1 Pick Pass Slip
2-3-1 Dummy Pick And Roll
Double Overload Swap - Zone Breaking Play
Pyramid Crease Play
Pick Down with Crease Pick
Wing Dodge And Off-Ball Picks
Crease Pick Feed
Long Dodge With Dummy Pick Up High
Dodge And Fill Offensive Scheme
Far Cut
High Corner Dodging Set With a Crease Swap
Kick Back Behind, Pick on Crease
High Sideline Ride
1-3-2 Pick At X
2-3-1 GLE Pick Option
2-3-1 Sweep And Clear
2-3-1 Dodge, Fill And Pick
Double Clear and pick
Mumbo Pop
Middie Crease Man Pop
MIddie Crease Pop
2-3-1 Double Down
Dual Triangle Dodge
X Pick
Box Wing offense
2-3-1 Triangle Motion Offense
Double Backside Cut And Topside Sweep
Rotating Motion Box
Double Mumbo Pop
Far man go (FarGo)
Set Change to a high pick
Double side pick top side blast