Offense : 1-4-1

Kick Back Behind, Pick on Crease
Jacksonville Umbrella
Tufts 2-3-1 to 1-4-1 Crease Pick
Liu Post Transition from 1-4-1 Wing Dodge to 2-3-1 Corner Dodge
Salisbury Seel Man Up Play
My Favorite Youth Lacrosse Offense
Maryland Forcing The Short Stick Slide
Crease Pick
Side Double Mumbo
Far Man Go (FarGo)
1-4-1 To 3-3
Fill roll pick
Back follow sneak
Fan out
Salisbury seel man up play
Double pick away from X
Fan Out
Far Cut
Cornell Set 3-3 to 1-4-1 Man Up
High Corner Dodging Set With a Crease Swap
Kick Back Behind, Pick on Crease
Air Force 1-4-1 to 2-3-1 Screen
Roll back double pick
Overload shift into a 1-4-1 from 3-3
Double pick away
1-4-1 Dodge And Fill Offensive Scheme
Mumbo Pop
Rotating Motion Box
Double Mumbo Pop
1-4-1 K
1-4-1 L
Double crease pick
Double spin
inverted Mumbo
3-3 to flow to X creas pick
A Quick hitting Out of Bounds Play
double screen shot opening
Modified Mambo
Set Change to a high pick
Double side pick top side blast