This practice is designed to work on basic skills for the youth.  It does not involve a lot of the technicalities of the game such as running a offense or the clears.  It is all about teaching the skills and then ending with running up and down.  We really like ending with the west gennee drill because it promotes passing rather then players running with the ball.

Practice Emphasis: Stick Skills

  • Timeframe:90 Minutes

  • Number of Players: 30+

  • Number of Coaches: 1+

  • Field Space: Full Field -


0 - 10      Partner passing / Warm Up / Attendance
This is a good time to talk about mechanics of how to properly throw a ball and what you are looking for in practice.

10 - 30     Full Field Zig Zag
Works on the lone passing and catching at angles. Lots of movement.

30 - 35     Water Break

35 - 50     4 Man 2 Ball
Works on shorter passing on the run and gets a lot of touches.  Lots of movement.

50 - 65     Box Triangle
Gets a little bit of contact and defensive play

65 - 70     Water Break

70 - 90     4v4 West Genny Drill
After a full practice of working on stick skills this is a great drill to just let them have at it and play.
Ball Hunt!!