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Moving the ball around to all players

Process: Get your team into a skeleton offense.  Time how many touches your team can make in 30 seconds.  You can run this drill with teams of 6, teams of 4 or teams of 3.  The 4’s can get into a box or diamond formation, the 3’s can run this out of a triangle.  The key is to make this drill competitive. Have the loser do push ups, sprints or something.   Make sure your kids move the ball at a fast tempo. Don’t allow your kids to make lazy passes. Make sure that your players are staying under control.

Points of Emphasis:


  • Move your feet

  • Passes up in the box

  • Stick to the outside

  • Turn away from the defense


I run this drill from a 3-2-1 Open set. It is a great way to build confidence while having fun in a competitive fashion, especially if you have a younger, unskilled team and/or if it is still early in the season. To increase difficulty of this drill implement the tenants of your offense (e.g. 2-3-1 Triangle Rotations etc).