About LAXPlaybook and Coach Joe

Joe Juter Lacrosse Coach The kids call me Coach Joe, and this is my playbook.

I have been playing lacrosse since 7th grade and continued playing competitively throughout college until I graduated in '98. Currently, I am working with kids ages 9-19 by coaching high school, summer travel teams, camps, fall clinics, and running a youth program in my community. In addition, I am constantly watching game film and attending conferences and seminars. You can read more about my philosophy under the post Winning Does Not Matter. I can not get enough of the game!

Every year I coach, I learn something new. The coach who thinks he knows everything sells himself and his kids short. The best coaches tend to reflect on their wins and losses and embrace an intellectual exchange of ideas with others. I am fortunate to have been able to work with many coaches who share this philosophy. It is through the exchange of ideas with these coaches that I learn so many great plays, practice drills, and schemes. Unfortunately, each year I find I can only apply a small portion of these ideas to my team. There is such a wealth of information that it is impossible to use and remember it all from year to year!

To solve this problem, I decided to start recording these ideas. I then realized that there are other coaches outside my community who share my philosophy and love the game just as much as I do. Wouldn't they appreciate the opportunity to learn from these ideas too? Thus, the creation of LAXPlaybook: A place for passionate lacrosse coaches to reflect and get new ideas. Enjoy!