I loved our recent podcast with Coach Ryan from Mercyhurst. I think all lacrosse coaches are always looking for new ways to engage players, find new lacrosse drills that emulate game situations, and reinforce a number of key skills in each drill. And of course getting a lot of touches is also key. You can listen to Coach Ryan describe this lacrosse drill in his own words in our podcast section, find his interview, and click on the ‘preview.’

In this lacrosse drill, Coach Ryan (who gave some of the credit to Coach Kerwick) has taken a basic 4V4 Lacrosse Drill, and turned into so much more. The lacrosse drill starts with a pass from the coach to an open offensive player, as a basic 4V4 but the defensive players are trying to ‘lock on’ and deny access to the ball. This forces the offensive players to pick away from the ball, V Cut in and out in an attempt to get open.

The coach then throws the ball to an open (presumably moving) offensive player. Now the drill gets interesting. The closest defensive player adjacent to the offensive player who caught the pass, quickly, and almost recklessly then doubles the ball. This immediate slide after the pass takes the 4V4 into a transition lacrosse drill. The offense is then forced to react, assuming the player avoided or ran to space out of the double team to feed two passes to the open side, either up top, or through ‘X’.

Offensive Skills

Getting open when ‘locked off’
Moving their feet through the ball on a catch
A way to practice ‘off ball’ pick techniques
Dealing a double team
Moving the ball under pressure
Two feeds to the open or back side
Recognizing where is the 2V1

Defensive Skills (OK — first slide is almost out of control, it is OK)

Quick & Hard Double Lacrosse Drill
Sliding in Transition
Force the offense to throw as many passes as possible
Recover and replace to the backside

Coach Ryan runs this out of a ‘free lance’ situation allowing the offensive players to move freely. You could also consider running the lacrosse drill with four offensive players set up as they would be in portions of your 2-2-2, 1-4-1, 3-1-2, etc…and then moving to get open, or picking for each other. Coach Ryan runs three sets, or the lacrosse drill with three possessions for each group, then in with the next eight players.