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This can be a great clearing drill and stick skill drill.

4 men circle around the crease.  This is done to create confusion on who goes where forcing the players to communicate.  Communication here is important because in a real game situation you do not know where you will be on the field when possession changes.

The coach throws it to the goalie or rolls the ball out near the goal.

At this point the players break out to four corners of the half field much like you would want your long poles to do in a clear.

The players identify where the ball should be thrown to.  The coach can also designate where he wants the players to pass.  He should mix it up as much as possible to keep the players on their toes.

Each player touches the ball then gets back in line as the next group of 4 get ready to go.

Here is a YouTube clip of the Rutgers team executing this drill perfectly.