Sometimes it is best to treat your team like a business. Any good business has a mission statement.  Having that statement keeps on track in the course of the season.  Let everybody involved with your lacrosse program understand the idea behind that statement. Make sure your philosophy is understood by yourself and your players.

IF you do not write it down it does not exists. Keep copies of important communications, e-mail can be great for this.



Plan out as much as possible.  The first day, week and a loose idea of the initial month of lacrosse practices.

Keep the people helping you up to date changes in school policies, remember just as you want your players to be part of your team, remember you are part of the athletic department.  Everybody needs to be on the same page.


The best lacrosse drills are the ones you make up yourself and cater your lacrosse teams needs and situation, this site has many ideas but please use them as a platform to create your own concepts.  Be creative!

Separate your lacrosse drills into categories such as: warming up, shooting, fundamentals of offense/defense, fast break buildups for offense and transition defense, half field, crease play, dodging drills etc.