This will work at every level!

This can also be used as a man up scheme too.

This is an offensive scheme that can be the foundation of an offense at every level.  With all the plays and schemes I have seen I have come back to doing this and just decided to do this basic much better rather then putting in a variety of plays.

I figured if my guys could completely master this concept, combined with 2-3 killer plays, I am good to go.

This premise can also be applied to other sets as shown in a 1-4-1.

This offense fulfills a very basic offensive premise.  If somebody is running at you... GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

The next rule to follow is to maintain space, that is where the fill comes in.  The guy in the crease will just fill the spot the dodger comes from.  Being that most slides come from the crease his will leave the roll pass option for the dodger wide open.  The crease can fill, the dodger can roll out and pass it to him now that player who rolled out is in a lethal position to shoot or, pass, redodge or draw and dump.  The key point is the defense is now off balance and for a brief moment you are man up.

The catch to this is that the players who are adjacent to the ball carrier have to be ready to clear out to the crease.  Which sometimes means they would have to cheat in.  Especially when the dodger is going from the wings.

As coaches we should all be teaching out players to V cut anyway.  Therefore you can make the rule that when the guy adjacent you gets to the ball take a few steps towards the crease, if he does not dodge pop back out towards him.  If he does that he would have just done a V cut.  If he does dodges towards you just continue through to the crease and you would have already started to clear out, if he dodges away from you, just pop back out.  This is a great way integrate fundamentals into your offense.