Initial Phase.

-          The play starts in a 2-1-1-2 formation.

-          Player 1 is the dodging attackman.

 Players 2 and 3 are the remaining attackman.

-          Player 4, 5 and 6 are midfielders.

-          Player 6 is covered by a longstick.


Second Phase.

-          Player 1 begins the play with a Dodge from the corner.

-          Player 5 cuts across the top of the box and sets a pick for player 6.

-          Player 4 follow player 5 and seals the back of 5’s defender.

-          Then 6 is going to have an open lane to cut.  

-          Player 3 will set a pick on GLE for player 2 (when 1 begins the play).

-          Then player 3 will the roll to X (to support 1). 


Third Phase.

-          As player 1 dodge, player 6 is cutting down the wing looking for quick shot.

-          His second option (of player 1) is player 2 cutting of the GLE after the pick form player 3.

-          Player 5 is going to follow player 6 to support player 1.

-          Player 4 is going to find a skip lane in the top of the right corner of the box.

-          Player 2 should be open in the right side of the goal, looking for a cross pass.


Final Phase.

-          This Dodge Works great off end line or low sideline re-starts.

-          This Dodge needs a lot of space.


-          Run this from any corner of the field.