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This is a great drill if you run the triangle clear.

As shown on the right in red the idea is to maintain that triangle.

On the left in blue you can see the pattern of the passing.

You want 2 groups doing this simultaneously on each side.

The two groups should be split into half with a group down low at GLE and a group up top at the midfield.
- The group down low numbered 1, 2 and 3 below.
- The group up top is numbered 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Generally this is where you want to add more kids if your numbers are greater.

# 1 throws the ball to the player cutting to him then will go to the back of the line where #3 is.
# 2 will have just received a ball and will be filling in for #1.
# 3 receives the long pass from the player at the midfield who is throwing it down the alley.
#4 is cutting to the ball from the center and will catch the ball then throw it up field to #5.  He will then fill in the spot where #5 just left.
#5 is cutting up the field and will receive the ball from #4 and then throw the ball to #8 who is at the end of the line.  From there he will fill at the end of the line behind #8.
#6 is running from the front of the line to the center of the field filling in for where #4 just came from.
#7 having just made a long pass will step up to the front of the line after #6 leaves.
#8 is at the end of the line and will receive the pass from #5 then make a nice long pass to the player at the end of the line down low.  Emphasizing to throw the ball down the alley will ensure straight long passes.  With the other kids in the drill inside the line it will also avoid clutter.

Note: Depending on the level of your players you will want to go multiple balls going on each side.


Depending on your field space this drill can be modified as below.