I spotted this 1-3-2 Side Triangle Carry play watching the Ohio Machine vs the Long Island Lizards in 2012.  The Ohio Machine had Connor Martin and Chazz Woodson, arguably two of the most dynamic and fun to watch players in the game.  Everybody watching was eager for them to get the ball and see what they were going to do, which brings us to the genius of this man up play.

Connor Martin was where #4 is on the diagram below, Chazz Woodson was where #6 is in the crease.

    • Connor Martin (#4) started with the ball and carried it up from the bottom into that weak spot in the wing of the zone.  This forced the lower right defensemen to follow him up.  If the defensemen doesn't shade with the ball carrier he will give up the shot from the seam between the zones, which is that space left open near the island between the defensemen on the right side.
    • #6 (Chazz Woodson) then filled the lower spot that #4 (Connor Martin) just left, giving an outlet for #4 to throw the ball back to #6 down low.  This forces the crease defensemen to follow #6 down low.
      Meanwhile, #3 cuts to fill for #6.

Now the top right defensemen is in a precarious position.  Does he:

  1. Follow #3 who is cutting to the crease?; or
  2. Does he pass him off to the top left defenseman? -- who now must be aware he has crease responsibilities as the crease defender is down low shading #6 at this time.

While this is going on the other triangle is rotating with:

    • #2 cutting down towards # 5
    • #5 running up to fill for #1 and
    • #1 running to fill for #2

This puts the top left defensemen in an impossible position -- if he is able to recognize that they are there, which of the 3 players in his area should he address?

At this time typically the shooter #4 will be picked up.  Thus he can dump it off to #1 who will have an EASY 2v1 game to play with #1 and #5 versus that hapless top left defender.

This all started by forcing the defense to play the two stars, which pulled the defense into sluffing over and left the backside wide open.