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The kids call me Coach Joe, and this is my playbook.

Joe Juter Lacrosse Coach I have been playing lacrosse since 7th grade and continued playing competitively throughout college until I graduated in '98. I have worked with kids ages 9-19 by coaching high school, summer travel teams, camps, fall clinics, and running youth programs. One of my biggest honors to date is helping to develop lacrosse in Colombia.

Through the exchange of ideas with other passionate lacrosse coaches, I have learned many great plays, practice drills, and schemes. Unfortunately, I can only apply a small portion of these. There is such a wealth of information that it is impossible to use and remember it all from year to year.

Therefore I decided to start recording these ideas for all of us to use, critique, and modify. That is how LAXPlaybook was born.

Sample Articles

Lacrosse 101: 2-3-1 Lacrosse Offense Set

The "basic standard international lacrosse" default set for most teams.

Zone Defense

The advantages, disadvantages, and basic pointers for zone defense. Zone Defense is often effective in stopping penetration and 1v1 moves.

6 Principles of Syracuse Motion Offense

Listen along as we speak with Coach Jeremy DaRin regarding the motion offense he ran as an assistant coach at Syracuse using 6 core movements.

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